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Absorption Corporation
800-242-2287 .us
Wood pulp fibers too short to make paper processed to the appearance and texture of shredded egg cartons. Makes some rats sneeze.

RanPak Corporation
Thin crinkled strips of kraft paper (brown paper one grade below grocery bags). Recyclable even with animal waste. A better bedding than litter.

Gentle Touch Litter
Gentle Touch Corporation
These pellets made from aspen wood are very absorbent and excellent at controlling odor.

Critter Country
Mountain Meadow Pet Products, Inc.
The company claims that these pellets made from wheat grass actually prevent the formation of ammonia.

Ampro Industries Inc.
Pellets made from recycled newspaper printed only with soy-ink.
Contains baking soda.

Yesterday's News
Canbrands International Ltd.
Pellets made from recycled newspaper with an odor absorbing ingredient. Comes in regular pellets, and softer texture pellets.

The Oxbow Hay Company

Cell Sorb Plus
Fangman Specialties
(513) 752-4500
Soft pellets of recycled newspaper containing a non-toxic patented neutralizing mineral for excellent odor control.

XORB Corporation
Short paper fiber pellets with odor control compound added.

Good Mews
Stutzman Environmental Products
(503) 266-4610)
Recycled newspaper pellets.

Kozy Korner Ferret Litter
Sheppard & Greene
These pellets made from recycled newspaper are treated with natural enzymes to help prevent odors.

Ground walnut shells
A little messy, but rats seem to be attracted to using it in litter boxes! Readily available in pet shops (Petco & PetsMart) and feed stores.

Aspen shavings
(Make sure they aren't dusty.)

Brisky Pet Products
Pellets or granules of cherry and maple wood.

Alfalfa Pellets or Rabbit Food
Readily available and inexpensive and control odor well.

Aspen Supreme
Green Pet Products
Pelleted aspen.

Absorption Corporation
800-242-2287 .us
Pellets of grain by-products. Nice smell, controls odors quite well.

Country Fresh Cat Litter
SSM Environmental Technologies
(209) 369-9578
Pellets of grain by-products. Very pleasant smell, controls odors very well.

Litter Love
The Barnaby Co.
(612) 224-0880
Aspen bark pellets.

Natural Animal Premium Litter Plus
Natural Animal, Inc.
Small brown crumbles made from peanut shell meal, yucca shidigera, and citrus extract.

All God's Creatures Litter
Northeastern Products Corp.
Small chips of a hardwood. Messy, but "softer" than pellets.

Pet's Preference, Softer Texture
Stutzman Environmental Products
(503) 266-4610.
Similar to CareFRESH but softer.

Compiled by Missy Ruud. Information by Debbie Ducommun